There is an unfortunate growing need over the past several years and Christians In Action continues to assist a record number of families to put food on the table.   Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and bringing family together – no family should have to go without a special Thanksgiving meal.  That’s why each year Christians In Action strives to ensure that every needy family is provided the means to enjoy a holiday meal.

The Olmsted Community Church will once again be hosting the annual Christians In Action Turkey Hunt.  NO, turkeys really aren’t hunted!  Instead, drivers cover routes within the Olmsted community while their passengers walk door to door asking for canned and boxed food donations.   (Teens – this would be a great way to earn confirmation hours!)

All collected food items are then sorted and distributed the following day to needy families in the Olmsted community.   Each family will receive groceries, a fresh Turkey, a pie and the remaining necessary staples to complete a home made Thanksgiving meal.

THE OLMSTED COMMUNITY CHURCH IS IN NEED OF BOTH DRIVERS AND TEENS FOR THE TURKEY HUNT.  If you or your family can help, please keep on reading!

Our annual Christians In Action Turkey Hunt will held on Sunday, November 19, 2017.

Groups: We recommend one adult driver to every 4-5 “hunters”.   The driver goes slowly down the street as 2 hunters go to houses on either side of the street and then put food into the car.  The driver is to stay with the groups at all times.

Routes: Each driver will be given a form to be filled out with the names of the youth in his/her car.  When this is completed, a route is assigned to them and the forms are kept at the church in case of an emergency.    If you are able to be a driver, please contact Lisa at 235-3326 so that we may make sure all routes are covered.

Paper Turkeys: As an incentive for the hunters to go to every house, we place a paper turkey on each route.  Each member of the team finding a turkey will receive a special prize.

Refreshments: Donuts and a beverage will be provided when the teams return.

Sorting:  Following the Turkey Hunt, volunteers from Christians In Action and area churches will sort the food from 4:00-6:00 pm.  The food is then distributed to the families the following day.   Families are invited to come to the Community church and “shop” for groceries and will receive a fresh turkey and pie.

Christians In Action will be feeding approximately 110 needy families this Thanksgiving!   Reservations and pre-registration are required for families receiving meals.