Family Registration

Christians In Action only serves residents of the Olmsted Falls/Township community or members of an Olmsted community church.  reg-client2

The following information is required by each family in order to be recipients of CIA benefits.    This information is required the first time a family registers and annually thereafter.

  • A Photo ID of each adult  in your household must be presented in person.  This could be a driver’s license, Ohio photo ID or passport. All adults over the age of 18 must present ID.
  • Proof of current address.  This could be either a current utility bill, mortgage payment or rental agreement with family name and address.
  • If children are of school age, a report card or bus schedule listing the child’s name and address must be provided.
  • Each family must provide proof of income.  This should include a current paycheck stub, unemployment documents, food stamps, 1099’s, etc.  In some cases a tax return may be required.
  • For non-resident Olmsted Falls/Township church members, a form or letter from your church stating that you are a member must be provided.